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Show Ring Last Updated: Nov 23, 2014 - 1:57:08 PM

Success in the Show Ring 2014

Nov 12, 2014 - 7:32:25 PM

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Our last show of the season was the BLM Championship and VADA  Fall Dressage Show October 16-19.

The classes for the BLM championships were huge!  We brought three horses and many ribbons were on our tack stall door by the end of the show.  Cara did a super job riding.  Friday: Shabrina: 2nd place training level test 3- 67% and 68.661% training level test 2 in the HUGE Championship class; Hhot Tamale: 2nd place third 3 and 2nd place 3rd 2 70.488%.  Dheputy: 1st place first 1 70.345% and 3rd place first 2 68.378%.    Saturday:  Shabrina 5th place first 1 62.931% (first time at first level); Hhot Tamale- 8th third 2 67.622% (Championship class), and 1st third 3 67.692%; Dheputy- 1st place first level test 2 73.649%.   Sunday:   Shabrina (tired) 4th place training level test 3  56.6%, Hhot Tamale- 1st place fourth level test 2 68.514% (first time at this level- she is a 6 year old!), Dheputy 11th place in his HUGE finals class with a 67.027%- 10 % point difference between the two judges.  Oh well..... 

Dressage at Devon 2014- a very successful show! 
  We brought 7 horses.  Every one of them placed in their classes and we brought home 2 Championships and two Born In The USA Awards.
Three Year Old Fillies:  Shtrapless 5th 77.4%

Cara and Shtrapless




Three Year Old Fillies:   Shtiletto 7th 76.7%.



Three Year Old Colts and Geldings- Shopper 2nd 81.2%, also 3rd in Colt/Gelding Championship and 3rd in the GAIG/USDF Colt/Gelding Championship. Also  Materiale Class- 3 year old colts and geldings- Shopper 3rd 72.6%.



Materiale Class- three year old fillies Shtiletto 1st 80.0% (also Born in the USA Champion) .  Shtiletto was named Young Prospect Champion!  This trophy is given in memory of Angela Barilar, and is a combination of the in hand and materiale results.

Shtiletto and Olivia


Materiale Class- 3 year old fillies:  Shtrapless 2nd 77.2%. 
Four Year Old and Older Maiden Mares (the largest class of the show with 24 entries)-

Shabrina 4th 80.45%



 Fhlicka 10th 76.6%



and Shierra Madre 13th

Shierra Madre


  Four Year Old and Older Stallions- Dheputy 1st 77.3%. (Also Born in the USA Champion Stallion), Dheputy was reserve champion stallion after a horrible mix up in the ring brought the wrong stallions forward to the Championship class.  It was too late to be resolved.....  GAIG/USDF Stallion Final- Dheputy was Champion with a 77.25%

Quinnten and Dheputy


GAIG/USDF Mare Final- a very tired Shabrina 9th.   
Rolling Stone Farm was 3rd in the Breeders Group.  
Materiale Class four and Five year old Mares- Shannon Stevens on our homebred Shundance were 3rd (78.7%), Shierra Madre was 4th (78%) and Shabrina was 8th in a class of 16 entries. 
Dheputy was 2nd in the Materiale- Four and Five Year Old Stallions and Geldings (75%)

Dheputy and Cara


As usual, Dressage at Devon scores were the lowest of the year.  I was so proud of our horses, of Cara's and Olivia's riding, Quinnten's handling and thanks so much to my friend Sue who helped out so much!

Dressage at Stone Tavern II August 31
Shtrapless- 1st 3 y.o. fillies 74.8%
Shtiletto- 2nd 3 y.o. fillies 72.4%
Saint Isabelle BHF (bred by me and owned by Paula Byrum by Sir James out of Rhococo by Renaissance) 1st 2 y.o. fillies 76.2%, FILLY CHAMPION, YOUNG HORSE CHAMPION and GRAND CHAMPION!  This is the first of Sir James' offspring in the show ring, and we are very proud!
Shabrina; 1st Maiden and yeld mares 4 y.o. and older 82.5%, MARE CHAMPION, MATURE HORSE CHAMPION, RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION!!
Dheputy- 1st stallions 4 y.o. and older  84.0%, STALLION CHAMPION, RESERVE CHAMPION MATURE HORSE, 3RD in the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP.  Three of the four horses in the championship ring were bred by me!
Shundance (now owned by Courtney Burns and ridden by Shannon Stevens) 1st Materiale 4 & 5 y.o. Mares 78.2% (she also won her training level test and was  Training Level Champion in the open show.), Shabrina was 2nd in the Materiale with a 74.7%. 
Dheputy 1st Materiale 4 7& 5 y.o. geldings and stallions with a 78.8%.
In the GOV breed class, Dheputy was 1st (84.6%), Shabrina was 2nd (81.5%), Saint Isabell BHF was 3rd (80.1%), Shtrapless was 5th (75%) and Shtiletto was 7th (72.7%)

August 2014:  So proud of my two homebred horses at the Maplewood Warmbloods Dressage breed show 7/31/14 & 8/1/14. In show #1 on Thursday 4 y.o. Special Premium Candidate Shierra Madre (Sir Wanabi out of EM Acapella- dam of Shakespeare RSF) was 1st in 4 y.o. Maiden Yeld mares with an 80.450%. She was then Reserve Champion Mare, Reserve Champion Mature Horse and 2nd in the Materiale class with a 78.5%

Maplewood Warmbloods- Shierra Madre trot


Shopper (Shakespeare RSF/ EM Wyneth L - Widmark) was 2nd in the 3 y.o. Colts and geldings class with an 80% and 2nd in the Materiale with a 73.2%.

Maplewood Warmbloods- Shopper trot


 In show # 2:
 Shierra Madre was 2nd in the Maiden mare class with a 76.150%, Champion Mare, and Reserve Champion Mature Horse

Maplewood Warmbloods- Shierra Madre in hand


 Shopper won his 3 y.o. Colts geldings class with another 80%, then was named Young Horse Champion and the Show Grand Champion!

Maplewood Warmbloods- Shopper in hand


It was their first time off of the property and first trailer ride- good kids! Thanks to Cara Klothe, Quinnten Alston, and Maplewood Warmbloods for another great show. Congratulations to all the competitors!

June 2014:  Our first show of the year was VADA/NOVA Spring at Morven Park  April 5 & 6.  Shyriana (Shakespeare RSF/EM Fhrance-Fabriano): Tr 3 5th 68.2%, Tr. 2 6th 64.643%.  Shyriana has been purchased by Marcus Orlob and Shannon Stevens, so look for her in the show ring with them.  Shundance (Shakespeare RSF- EM Chee Chee-Contucci)- tr. 1 1st 68.125%, tr. 3 3rd 69%, tr. 2 5th 64.821%.  Shundance has been purchased by Courtney Burns and both are in a training program with Shannon and Marcus.  Hhot Tamale (Hotline/EM Chee Chee-Contucci)- her first time at third level.  She is just 6 years old and has been ridden and trained by Cara Klothe from the beginning. 3rd level test 1 3rd place 65.395%, third level test 3 3rd place 64.359%. PVDA Spring May 17-18:  Hhot Tamale-  third level test 2 1st place 65.854%, third level test 3 3rd place 61.923%.  Francesca B (Fabuleaux/Don Schufro)- first level test 1 4th place 65.0%.

Bucks County Horse Park I   5/3:  Jenn Pass on Whuthering Heights (Widmark/Gold Luck) first 2 5th (65.541%), first 3 1st (64.67%).  Vicky Sher on Whellington (Welcome S/Archipel)first 1 1st (68.621%), first 2 1st (69.189%)

It was a fun horse show for me June 1 at the Bucks County Horse Park recognized dressage show II. Cara Klothe rode Rhaisonette (Rosentanz/Fuerst Heinrich) for her first ever time at second level where they received a 68.714%, first place and were second level champions. Then we took my four year old Shabrina (Shakespeare RSF/ EM Wyneth L-Widmark/Davignon) for her second time off the property and first time in a dressage ring. The first test was full of baby bobbles, but she pulled it together for their second test where they received 1st place with a 69.464%. Good baby girl! There were horses that I bred there too- Whuthering Heights (Widmark/ EM Giadonna- Gold Luck/Donnerhall), ridden by Jennifer Symons Pass at second level and Sheyenne, a 5 year old (Shakespeare RSF/ EM Giadonna- Gold Luck/Donnerhall) ridden by Sara Schmitt. She placed first in training test 1 with a 71.667 and 2nd in training 2 with a 69.107%.

Alice Tarjan debuted Somer Hit (Sandro Hit/EM Rhussia-Rotspon) in the Developing Grand Prix at Centerline Events at HITS on May 17 where they received 70.188% and 70.789% in the Inter II. At VADA/NOVA Summer June 6, they received a 69.474% in the Inter II and 67.312% in the Developing Grand Prix.  At Dressage at the Ranch June 21, they received the win at Inter II with a 70.526%.  EM Rhussia can sure produce good ones! (Dheputy is also out of her among many others)
Whirlpool (Widmark/Glimmer-Grundstein) qualified for the National Intermediare Championships at Gladstone June 12-15th. He was ridden by Melissa Jackson of FL. They placed a respectable 9th in the PSG (69.263%), 15th in the Inter 1 (66.763%) and 12th in the freestyle (70.725%).  It is cool to note that Shakespeare would have been a top 6 qualifier there if Marcus was an American citizen (he's working on that). Marcus reports that in addition to Shakespeare's improving passage and piaffe, they are now able to get up to 17 one tempi changes.
At VADA/NOVA Summer Dressage at Morven Park June 6th, we went to our first breed show of the year.  We only went to the breed show where we met up with our good friend and former employee, Quinnten Alston who handled the horses for us in hand.  Shabrina (Shakespeare RSF/Widmark) won her 4 year old and older Maiden mares class (80.450%), the Mare Championship and reserve Grand Championship.  She also won the 3,4,5 year old Mare Materiale class with an 81.1%.  Dheputy was a bit of a naughty boy but he managed to receive the highest score of the entire show in the stallions class (80.750%), was stallion champion, and then was a jerk in the championship class, where he was beat by horses with lower scores.    He redeemed himself in the GOV class where he trotted in hand nicely, winning with an 81.4%, followed by Shabrina in 2nd place (79.6%) with the Grand Champion of the show placing 5th.  That's horse showing for you!

Another horse I bred did well in a breed show- Rhoanoke (Riccione/Verb. Pr. Whrigley- Welcome S).  In the Carbery Fields Sport Horse Show I June 7 in Lebanon, CT, he won the yearling colts/geldings class (79.1%), was reserve champion young horse and reserve grand Champion.  He also won the GOV class with a 78.6%.

At Dressage at the Ranch June 22.  Shabrina was a bit intimidated by the close up judges booth, but managed a 62.6% for 4th place in training level test 3.  Hhot Tamale (with Cara riding and training) really hit her stride at third level, placing 1st in test 2 with a 68.171% and 2nd in test 3 with a 69.872%. 

Other winning RSF horses that have been reported to me: UNH Dressage June 21-22:  Lheonidas ridden by her AA owner Karin Giordano- Tr. test 1 75.833% first place and high score training level, and Kristen Schwaegerle on Fhifth Avenue- first level test 3- 2nd 72.903% and 1st place on Sunday first level test 3- 69.516%.  Keri Damsgaard reports that Fhortune Cookie did well at their first show together- the PVDA Ride For Life 6/21-22.  Tr 2- 5th and 2nd (62.679% and 74.464%), tr 3- 2nd and 5th (67.4% and 64.6%)
Marta Renilla in TX has done well with Rhustler (Rousseau/EM Rheporter-Royal Prince) and her boyfriend Anartz Chanca has done well with Sheriff (Shakespeare RSF/EM Gharbo-Gold Luck).  They live in TX.  Emerald Classic I 3/16: Rhustler first 3 3rd (71.290%), Materiale 1st (78.888%).  Sheriff tr 3 2nd (68%) 1st 3 3rd (65.645%).  Emerald Classic II 3/17:  Sheriff tr 3 2nd (71.8%), 1st 3 6th (64.355%).  Rhustler 1st 3 1st (72.581%), Materiale 1st (79.4%).  WKF Spring I 3/22:  Sheriff tr 3 2nd (63.8%), 1st 3 1st (68.065%).  Rhustler FEI 5 year old 1st (77.6%), 1st 3 1st (71.774%).  WKF Spring II 3/23:  Sheriff tr 3 1st (67.4%), 1st 3 2nd (66.29%).  Rhustler 1st 3 1st (69.677%), FEI 5 year old 1st (80.2%)
Congratulations to all!

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