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Inspection News Last Updated: Nov 5, 2018 - 11:34:50 AM

GOV Foal Inspection July 3, 2018

Nov 4, 2018 - 2:20:28 PM

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The cake!

Thank you to everyone who attended. This was the smallest inspection I have had in 30 years with only 7 foals, so it was nice to have had time for the lecture on linear scoring by Sebastian Rohde. It was HOT that day, so it was also nice to be finished early. Thanks to Sebastian Rohde, and Sharon Evans Downes, our inspectors. Thanks also to our fabulous staff and friends- Cara Klothe, Dawn Coffey, Andrew Sutliff, Carlee Anne Hunsicker, Susan Casale, Stacy Lynne Wendkos, Dennis Moore, Emmy De Jeu, Beth Hack-Patterson (cookies-yum!) and our handlers Rebecca Arnold and Brian Ohnmeiss. It was a fun day!

2 Premium Elite Foals :
Dhynasty (Dheputy x Spec. Prem.
Fherrari (Foundation x E.M.
4 Premium Foals-

Dhuesenberg (Dheputy x Spec. Prem. Rhaisonette)

Dhaytona (Dheputy x EM Regalia PWF)

Fhestiva (Franklin x Spec. Prem. Shcooter)

Vholt (Vitalis x Spec. Prem. Rhiddle)

Foal of the Day award to Premium Elite

Fherrari- Premium, Elite and top foal


Mo and foal awards


The lecture


The judges, Emmy, Mo and demo horse Dhanube with handler Becca




Fherrari Premium, Elite and Top Foal


Dhynasty Premium and Elite


Dheusenberg Premium


Dhaytona Premium


Fhestiva Premium


Vholt Premium


Dhe Lorean


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