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Around the Farm Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017 - 9:22:05 PM

2017 foaling season

Mar 27, 2017 - 5:24:04 PM

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The 2017 foaling season and breeding season has started- keep and eye on the website for updates as the foals are born and the mares are bred.  You can also find updates on my Facebook page Mo Swanson and Rolling Stone Farm (I'm not as good updating the farm Facebook page).  Request that we become Facebook friends, if we are not already.
The naming theme for the year is Jewelry and Gems.  I originally wanted Beers and Breweries to follow last year's Wines and Wineries theme, but the names for some of the beers and breweries were really strange (beyond Budweiser, Blue Moon and Schlitz). This is the 22nd year of foals being named with a theme, and my 36th year of breeding horses (YIKES!).  There are 13 foals due this year- an all time low number in probably 15 years.  Jim and I sold 9 mares in 2016, 8 of which are in foal, so I will be listed as breeder for those foals.  Some of these were my most special mares, but Jim and I can't keep up this pace of large foal crops and ever plan on retirement (or at least partial retirement) from the breeding business.  I am happy to report that all of the mares have found good homes with people who love them dearly.  I can't wait to see their foals!  All of my yearling colts were gelded in March, including two that were designated stallion prospects by the GOV and one more which I thought was a stallion prospect.  I have produced 9 licensed stallions- that is plenty...  they will be super geldings for the riding horse market.  I thought these photos were appropriate!



What my nights look like. This is the TV in our bedroom with the camera on a pregnant mare. She also is wearing a Birth Alarm girth the alarm of which, when triggered by her lying down, would wake the dead (sometimes dead is how I feel)


The fascinating growth of an in utero foal


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