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2021 Show ring successes

Jan 5, 2022 - 2:46:16 PM

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I am proud to post the accomplishments at Dressage at Devon of the horses that I bred and own, and the accomplishments of the horses that I bred and sold, now being loved by their owners.

The big winner was my special mare Fherrari by Foundation and out of EM Rheporter (Royal Prince/Weltmeyer), who was Grand Champion at Dressage at Devon in 2011.    Fherrari is a fourth generation product of my breeding program.    She was ridden by my wonderful Rolling Stone Farm trainer, Jocelyn Kraenzle, and handled by Rebecca Arnold (who just bought two broodmares from me) and Bruce Griffin III aka Turtle.    Dawn Coffey was hands on deck everywhere- we could not have gotten in the rings so many times without her help- thank you!   Fherrari was 1st in the GOV class (85.150%!), 2nd in 3 yo Fillies Materiale (82.9%), 1st in 3yo Fillies (84.375%), 2nd in USDFBCS Filly Final (84.025%), 1st in USDFBCS 3 yo Materiale Final (82.650%), Filly Champion, Young Horse Champion and Reserve Grand Champion!

DAD Fherrari Reserve Grand Champion


Fherrari Born In the USA


DAD Fherrari trot


DAD Mo and Jocelyn


DAD Fherrari head


DAD Fhestiva u-s


DAD Fhestiva and Dawn


DAD Dhiamond


DAD Fhacet


My own Fhestiva (By Franklin out of another daughter of EM Rheporter- Sp. Pr. Shcooter by Shakespeare RSF) had her big show a few weeks ago at the NEDA Breed Show, but at DAD was 2nd in 3 yo Fillies Under Saddle, 5th in the GOV class (79.150%), and 5th in the 3 yo Fillies class (81.1%).    We brought and rode sweet Dhiamond (Dheputy/ Sp. Pr. Shusquehanna- Shakespeare RSF/ DeNiro) for her new owner, Dona Hoffman who was so proud and so much help at the show.    She was 8th in the GOV class (78.450%), 6th in 4 yo and older Mares Under Saddle, 2nd in 4 yo Mare Materiale (79.4%), 5th in 4 yo Sport Prospect Mares, and 8th in 4 yo Maiden Mares    (77.450%).    Thanks you so much Dawn Coffey for all of your hard work grooming, holding, etc., etc.! Thank you also to Shane Diel, who handled horses three times for me when there were delays waiting for handlers.    He does a super job!    I can highly recommend him.

Others that I bred were:

Fhacet (Fuerstenball/Sp. Pr. Rhiddle- BH Romanov/ Stedinger)- 2nd GOV class (84.250%), 3rd 4 yo Stallions and Geldings Materiale (79.0%), and 3rd in USDFBCS 4 yo Materiale Champion (77.450%), 2nd USEF 4 yo Test Thursday (76.2%) and 2nd in USEF 4 yo Test Friday (78.8%).    He is owned by Adrianna Angelini and was ridden by Hillary Moses.

Dhamia (Dheputy/ Sp. Pr. Qhuiver-Quaterback/Widmark), owned by Beth Anne Berwanger- 3rd Yearling Fillies (78.350%), and 9th Adult Amateur Handler.

Hosanna (Hotline/Sp.Pr. Shawnee-Shakespeare RSF/Weltbekkant), owned and ridden by Lillian Simons- 3rd 4 yo Mare Materiale (77%), 6th USDFBCS 4 yo Materiale Championship (76.350%)

Bon Boheme RSF (aka Bhacchus) a yearling colt at his first show (Bon Coeur-Sp.Pr. Whii/ Wild Dance), owned by Ashley Madison showed a super trot, placing 8th in the Yearling Colts and Geldings class (77.750%).

In the performance show, Shiloh (Shakespeare RSF- EM Dhominica/ DeNiro), ridden and trained by her amateur owner Paula Oliver, were 3rd in Thursday’s 4th level Test of Choice (66.538%) and 4th in Friday’s 4th Level Test 1 (67.435%).    Paula’s daughter Evie Oliver rode Verband Premium Shading (Shakespeare RSF- Widmark) to 2nd place in the FEI CDIJ Junior Team Test (65.657%), trained by herself.  Evie has been invited as one of 20 participants for the 2022 Robert Dover Horsemastership Clonoc Week January 6-9, 2022 in Wellington, FL with RSF bred Shiloh.

Fherrari was also Grand Champion at the NEDA breed show finals for the East Coast Breeders Championship. 

NEDA Fherrari Grand Champion

At the show, Fhestiva ( Franklin- Sp. Pr. Shcooter [Shakespeare RSF-Royal Prince]) was USDF East Coast Breeders Filly Champion, 3 year old Materiale Champion and 3 year old Prospect Champion. 

NEDA Fhestivs- East Coast Breeders Filly Champion

  Many thanks to Rolling Stone Farm employees, Jocelyn Kraenzle for the super riding and to Dawn Coffey for the super help and grooming.  It was a busy week- we took 4 year old Dhoublet (Dheputy- Sp. Pr. Rhaisonette [Rosentanz- Fuerst Heinrich]) to Dunmovin for a horse show the following day where he was show high score with a 76.9%.

My keeper filly, Fherrari (Foundation- EM Rheporter  [Royal Prince- Weltmeyer]), a 4th generation product of my breeding program, received the highest scores ever given in the USA by the GOV for her inspection (8.75) and Mare Permance Test (9.2).  My other mares all did super at the GOV inspection and MPT.  One filly (Dhynasty) was only back from the breaker 3 weeks. Fherrari was named a Special Premium Candidate (no surprise there) and the title of Verbands premium was given to Dhynasy, Dhe Lorean and Dhiamond.   All of my 2021 foals were named Premium.

I am the USEF Dressage Breeder of the Year for the 8th year in a row, and this year I am also the USEF Dressage Breeding Breeder of the Year and in second place for Dressage Breeding Owner of the Year. 





USDF Year End Results:  I am 5th for USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Breeder of the Year and 16th for Dressage Breeder of the Year.  The USDF computes the scores using only your top 5 horses.  Fhunny Girl was ranked in 32 place for Open Second Level with limited showing, and Champion Second Level for GOV All Breeds Award.  Shabrina was in 12th place for PSG for GOV All Breeds in her first year showing at that level.  Fherrari was Reserve Champion USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Horse of the Year for 3 year old fillies, and Fhestiva was 3rd place.  In the GOV All Breeds Award, Fherrari was Champion and Fhestiva was Reserve Champion Three Year Old Fillies.  A horse I bred named Dhreangirl (by Dheputy out of Sp. Pr. Ghodiva by Gold Luck- DeNiro- Rohdiamant) owned and ridden by Kat Kruemmling was the USDF Champion Training Level Adult Amateur.  They also won the Championship for this level at the USDF National Finals in KY!

We did a little bit of showing this year and took out Fhunny Girl, Shabrina, and Dhoublet.  Shurreal was recovering from a muscle injury in her hip from a fall in the paddock.  I bought 2 year old geldings by Gaudi, Fidertanz, D'Olympic, and Lissaro to add to homebred Dhiplomat by Dheputy to start under saddle in 2022.  I only have one foal by either Morricone or Revolution (gambler's choice!) coming in 2022 in the USA after selling most of my broodmares.  This is a big change for me, but I still also have 3 foals coming in Germany- by Von Und Zu, Total McLaren, and So Easy, and I bought two 2021 fillies in Germany by Jovian and Vaderland.  They will eventually join my 3 2021 foals here sired by Springbank II, Zoom and Epic Eastwood.  I have an interesting group of 2020 offspring, including a Dutch-Andalusian filly, a palomino Dutch gelding, and offspring by Escamillo, D'Olympic, Jovian, Secret and Shavane.  I also have a St. Schufro 2018 filly that will do the MPT in Germany in 2022.

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