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Inspection News Last Updated: Sep 24, 2015 - 7:06:54 PM

GOV Foal Inspection and Stallion Licensing July 27 & 28, 2015

Sep 24, 2015 - 6:07:07 PM

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The RSF gang (minus Jim who was in the house making lunch for all of us)


Well, our GOV foal inspection and stallion licensing is over. Judges Holly Simensen, Tommy Rhinow, and Fabian Kuhl had a long day on Monday inspecting 27 foals, 2 yearlings and 3 mares. This had to be the largest warmblood foal inspection in the US. I presented 19 foals, of which 16 were given Premium Foal Awards (by Romanov, Sir James, Shakespeare RSF, Licotus, Fuerstenball, Finest, Franziskus, French Kiss, Fiderbach, Tolegro, Sezuan, Wolkentanz, Don Frederic, Dheputy (2- his first foals!!!!) and Dante Weltino), 4 Foals of Distinction (by Licotus, Finest, Fiderbach, and Sezuan) and 2 Stallion Prospects were named (by Finest and by my homebred stallion, Dheputy). In addition, two foals that I bred and had sold in utero were awarded Premiums- by Shakespeare RSF and Sir James. The top filly was Lhegally Blonde, by Licotus out of my homebred mare Special Premium Qhuiver (Quaterback/EM Wyneth L by Widmark) owned by our trainer, Cara Klothe. The top colt was Fhantastick by Finest out of EM Wyneth L by Widmark. On Tuesday, we presented 3 three year old stallions, all by Shakespeare RSF. One was licensed outright: Shortstop by Shakespeare RSF out of EM Wyneth L. By the way, in these 2 days, EM Wyneth L produced a licensed stallion, a stallion prospect and her daughter produced the top filly. I am so glad that I selected Wyneth L and purchased her as a weanling from my friend, Pat Limage. Wyneth is sired by another friend's stallion- Widmark, imported and owned by Meg Williams. I have sent Shortstop (as a very young 3 year old) to the 70 day stallion test in OK.  The judges told me to present one other colt next year due to a slight immaturity- Shtratego, by Shakespeare RSF out of EM Chee Chee, but I think I will geld him, since he would make the 4th licensed Shakespeare RSF son and both he and Shuper Mario, the other colt, are so super to ride. Shavane (by Shakespeare RSF out of EM Rheporter), licensed last year, is also being sent to the 70 day stallion test this year. He was just named Stallion Champion, Mature Horse Champion, and Grand Champion at a breed show with all scores over 81%. I have now bred or presented 9 licensed stallions, 7 of which are from my breeding program and 2 were purchased in Germany. None of this super inspection and licensing could have happened without the super staff and helpers here at Rolling Stone Farm. Cara Klothe rode all three young stallions superbly, and along with her behind the scenes were the many super people who made the farm and the horses look good- Rebecca Barber, Dawn Coffey, Jessica Strohl, Taylor Hoffman, Andrew Sutliff, and Kim Kobryn. Many thanks to Quinnten Alston and Rebecca Arnold who did a super job handling, as always, Dennis Moore, announcer and brainiac on pedigree information, Susan Casale, who patiently videotaped everything for two days, Stacy Lynne Wendkos, photographer, and last, but not least, my wonderful husband, Jim Swanson. I will be updating foal pages with photos and videos from the inspection and adding videos from the round pen soon. It is a super group of foals and I am proud to have produced my 9th licensed stallion!!!!

Shortstop- newly licensed 3 year old stallion by Shakespeare RSF


Fhantastick- PREMIUM Foal, Foal of Distinction and stallion prospect by Finest


Lhegally Blonde- PREMIUM Foal and Foal of Distinction by Licotus


Dhetroit-PREMIUM Foal and stallion prospect by Dheputy


Fhiddler on the Roof- PREMIUM Foal and Foal of Distinction by Fiderbach


Shicago- PREMIUM Foal, Foal of Distinction by Sezuan


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