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Inspection News Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017 - 7:08:46 PM

Foal Inspections 2017

Oct 17, 2017 - 5:24:07 PM

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2017 was a very successful year for foals!  But most importantly, the Rolling Stone Farm team had a fun and educational day with Holly Simensen and Tommy Rhinow as our GOV inspectors.  Jim's and my grand-kids Kaylee and Trent were at the farm for the summer so they were part of the excitement too!

The Rolling Stone Farm Team with GOV inspectors


Last year I bred 22 mares. I sold 8 mares, all pregnant, and I kept 14 pregnant mares. This year, every one of those foals I bred and sold has received a premium foal award from the GOV (except one which was inspected by the American Hanoverian Society that was named top foal at her inspection)
Of those 7 foals which were sold and presented to the GOV, 3 have received Foals of Distinction ribbons and one was named a stallion prospect.

American Hanoverian Society Top Foal ribbon


  Every one of my own 14 foals was named a premium, with 7 Foals of Distinction ribbons awarded and 2 stallion prospects named.Take a look at the videos and photos of this year's foal crop- it is really an amazing group of which I am very proud! 

Premium and Foal of Distinction awards from our GOV inspection


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