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Inspection News Last Updated: Nov 4, 2016 - 10:15:56 AM

2016 GOV Mare Inspection and Mare Performance Test Oct. 26, 2016

Nov 3, 2016 - 6:14:32 PM

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Months of breaking, riding, weekly free jump practice sessions and hard work on the part of RSF staff and riders resulted in 5 new Special Premium Candidate Mares being named out of 7 mares tested- a result to be proud of!
Our judges were Holly Simensen from FL and Tommy Rhinow from Germany.  Thanks to Cara Klothe and Kim Kobrin-Callaway for the good riding, Dawn Coffey for the grooming and free jump help, Nick Bleiler for the good handling, Dennis Moore for the good pies, apples and unfailing encouragement, Sue Casale for videotaping and Stacy Lynne for the photography which I hope will soon be coming. The farm could not function without Dale Andrews, who kept the farm running behind the scene and helped in the free jump chute, and I have to mention my honey, Jim, who handled horses in the chute, cooked, cleaned (yes he did!) and was a super host. Phew! Now busy doing sales videos since most of these mares will be for sale.

Here are the new Sp. Pr. Candidates:
Shusquehanna (Shakespeare RSF/DeNiro/Rohdiamant)- top overall score, high score under saddle.  Score highlights were 8.5 free trot, 8.0 trot under saddle and in hand, 8.0 breed and sex type, 7.5 walk and canter under saddle and 8.0 rideability

Lhucerne (Licotus/Rotspon/Armin) 2nd place overall, high score free jumping (7.5).  Highlights were 7.5 straight across the board with an 8.0 for rideability

Hhemlock (Hotline/Loerke/Waltzertraum Moon) 3rd overall.  Score highlights were 8.0 free trot, 7.5 walk under saddle, rideability, breed and sex type, trot in hand, head and general impression and development

Shavannah (Sir James/Royal Prince/Wallstreet Kid) 4th overall.  Highlights were 8.0 free trot, breed and sex type, trot in hand, 7.5 walk, free canter, trot and canter under saddle, and rideability 



Dhanube (Destano/Londonderry/Wolkentanx II) 6th overall, 8.5 rideability, 8 canter, breed and sex type, head, neck, and 7.5 free trot, trot in hand, walk, and general impression. 

Shuez (Sir James/Fuerst Heinrich/Velton Third) was pretty green and pretty butt high.  She was entered into the Main Mare Book with scores including 8 for head, breed and sex type, and walk 



Shenandoah (Sir James/Rienzi/Wallstreet Kid) was also accepted into the Main Mare Book with mostly 7.0 scores.  We thought she was a dynamite jumper, but the score from the judges was only a 7.0.  We would have gone much higher, but that's how it goes...

Shenandoah free jump


 Until the photos arrive from Stacy, take a look at the videos.

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