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Inspection News Last Updated: Nov 23, 2014 - 2:02:45 PM

2014 GOV Mare Inspection, Mare Performance Test and Stallion Licensing at Rolling Stone Farm September 9, 2014

Nov 22, 2014 - 1:20:33 PM

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The 2014 GOV Mare Inspection, Mare Performance Test and Stallion Licensing took place at Rolling Stone Farm on September 9, 2014.  It was a big day for our horses with 5 mares being inspected and performance tested and two stallions being presented.  Our judges were Katrin Burger, Deputy Breeding Director for the Verband der Zuchter des Oldenburger Pferdes in Vechta, Germany and Holly Simensen, director of the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society in America.  Thanks to our great team of employees and volunteers, the day went off without a hitch.  

The gang


Rolling Stone Farm presented 5 mares for inspection and MPT. There were 8 mares in total. The overall winner and winner of the free jumping ribbon was Shtiletto (Shakespeare RSF/EM Fhrance-Fabriano).

Shtiletto- award

She received 8's for her free jumping, trot under saddle, and canter under saddle, 7.5's for free canter, and test rider rideability for an overall score of 7.52.

Shtiletto- jump


Shtiletto- trot free

She received the Special Premium mare title. 

In third place was Fhlicka (Fuerst Romancier/EM Lhibrarian-Loerke) who received the Verbands Premium title.

Fhlicka- conf


Fhlicka- trot


Our other mares were Shtrapless (Shakespeare RSF/ Gold Luck)- 4th place,

Shtrapless conf


Dholce (Dauphin/Loerke)- 5th place,

Dholce- trot u-s


Fhila (Fhitzgerald/De Niro)- 6th place.

Fhila- canter u-s


Our mares were all three year olds except Fhlicka, who was 4 (a stone abscess prevented her from doing the test last year).  The other mares were 4 or 5 years old.

We presented two stallions (there were four presented) and the top stallion was Shavane (Shakespeare RSF/EM Rheporter-Royal Prince) who received full licensing.

Shavane- conf


Shavane- trot free

He is really super under saddle, and Cara rode him well.

Shavane- canter u-s

  Shavane is Shakespeare RSF's second stallion to be licensed!  

Licensed for 10 mares was MW Feinermark,(Fidertanz/Flemming) owned and imported by Maplewood Warmbloods. An Arabian was approved for breeding.

Ghucci- conf


My other stallion, Ghucci (Gold Luck/Weltmeyer) 
did not feel like himself under saddle, but the judges said he was their top pick after the free running and free jumping.

Ghucci- jump

Of course, now he is going fabulously under saddle. He missed being licensed by 1/10 of a point. I am sending him to be trained for the jumper ring, which he loves to do.
Ghucci is out of EM Whispre who is the mother of EM Rheporter, Shavane's dam.   It was a real family affair on the damline. 

It was a busy and fun day with super guests and SUPER riding by Olivia and Cara. Good handling as always by Quinnten Alston and my staff of Dawn Coffey, Taylor Hoffman, my husband Jim, and videotaping by Sue Casale. Wanja Gerlach was the test rider.
  My buddy, Dennis Moore was the announcer.  All of the super photos were taken by Stacy Lynne Wendkos of 
I have now bred 37 Elite Mares and Elite Mare Candidates for the American Hanoverian Society, 1 State Premium Mare for the German Hanoverian Society, 12 Special Premium Mares and 8 Verband Premium Mares for the GOV and 6 licensed stallions.  I am a proud breeder!!!!

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