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Awards Last Updated: Feb 20, 2017 - 6:31:39 PM

2016 year end results

Feb 15, 2017 - 7:22:02 PM

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2016 USDF results:

The loot from the USDF Convention

I am the #1 USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeder of the Year, winning the Stallion Expo Trophy which was presented to me (along with an armload of other awards!) at the USDF Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO.  

Photo of the USDF awards ceremony for the Stallion Expo Trophy. The engraved silver frame was the award I could take home.


Shakespeare RSF, ridden by Marcus Orlob is USDF Reserve National Champion at Intermediare II with a very good median score of 74+%. 
  He is the USDF All Breeds Award winner for the American Hanoverian Society (AHS) at Intermediare II and is also named the AHS FEI Champion, receiving a beautiful cut glass ice bucket as an award.   

Shakespeare RSF


Shakespeare RSF is AHS FEI Champion 2016


Special Premium Candidate Dhanube is the USDF Horse of the Year for Three Year Old Fillies with a score of 81.250% 
  and Reserve Champion HOY for Three Year Old Materiale with a 79.0%.  

Dhanube in hand DAD 2016


Shavane is 3rd place USDF Year End Awards in Four Year Old and Older Stallions with a 77.575%.  

Shavane conf NEDA Fall Festival


Shabrina is 3rd in the USDF Year End standings for Four Year Old and Older Maiden and Yeld Mares with an 80.150%.

Shabrina conf NEDA Fall Festival


In the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society Division of German 
Oldenburg Verband (GOV) All Breeds Award year end standings, Shavane is 2nd for 4 Year Old and Older Stallion and also for 4 & 5 Year Old Stallion Materiale.

Shavane under saddle- NEDA Fall Festival


Also in the GOV All Breeds Award standings, Dhanube is 1st  for both Three Year Old Fillies and 3 Year old Filly Materiale.  Shabrina is 1st for 4 Year Old and Older Maiden/Yeld Mares 
and Shtiletto is 3rd, with Whii 6th.  Shtiletto is 6th for  4 & 5 Year Old Materiale. 

2016 GOV plaques


Other horses bred by me did well in USDF Year-End top 20 standings like Dhelmonico (Don Frederico-EM Rhussia)- 19th USDF Horse of the Year for Adult Amateur 2nd level with his rider Dana Nause with a 67.879% and Shydney (Shakespeare RSF-EM Chee Chee)- 3rd place Vintage Cup 1st level 72.647% with his rider Heidi Chote.

Shydney (Shakespeare RSF-EM Chee Chee)


Many of the horses I bred did well at their Regional Championships:

Region 1:

Serengeti (Sir James-Senorita) 5th Training level Open 71.023%, 6th First Level Open 69.559 Lauren Chumley, rider, Steven Tarshis, owner

Shanel (Shakespeare RSF-Glimmer) 4th First Level Open 70.662% Sara Schmitt, owner/rider

Shequin (Sir Gregory-Whest Indies) 6th First Level Freestyle Robin Breuckmann owner/rider

Lhincoln (Londonderry-Whest Indies) 4th Intermediate I 67.895% Cody Armstrong owner/rider

Region 2:

Ghalewind (Gold Luck-Piper) 8th Third Level AA Lauren Wade owner/rider

Region 3:

Fhantasia (Fhitzgerald-Senorita) 4th First Level AA Nancy Trivisonno owner/rider

Region 6:

Rhoanoke (Riccione-Whrigley) 4th Training Level Open Robert Chapeski owner/rider

Region 8:

Dhelmonico (Don Frederico-EM Rhussia) 8th First Level AA 66.985%, 4th 2nd Level AA 68.598% Dana Nause owner/rider

Region 9:

Whrigley (Welcome S- EM Alectra) 7th Training Level Open Jamie Erbes Owner, Janice Mauren rider 69.432%

Rhustler (Rousseau-EM Rheporter) Reserve Champion PSG 68.289% and 5th Intermediate I 64.276 Marta Renilla owner/rider.  He is only 7 years old!

2016 USEF Results

I am once again the USEF Dressage Breeder of the Year for the third year in a row and I am USEF Reserve Champion for Sport Horse Breeding!  
Shakespeare RSF is also the USEF #1 Dressage Breeding Sire.

2016 Inspection Results:

All 16 foals presented by us to the GOV were Premium, with 6 Foals of Distinction and 2 stallion prospects named (see separate article). We had 5 out of 7 mares at the GOV Mare Performance Test named Special Premium (see separate article).  Fhame (Fhitzgerald-EM Dhewpoint) was named top non-Hanoverian mare at the AHS inspection in IN (7.33).  A Sir James mare bred by me named St. Isabelle was the top non-Hanoverian mare at the Hilltop Farm AHS inspection (7.33).

St Isabelle- top non-Han mare 2016 Hilltop AHS insp


The top filly at the NY AHS inspection was sired by Dheputy and bred by me.

Dheputy filly- top AHS filly- NY inspection


Breed Show Results:

ESDCTA Memorial Weekend I-

Dhanube- 1st, 3 Year Old Fillies, 1st 3 Year Old Filly Materiale, Filly Champion, Young Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion.  Whii- 1st Four Year Old and Older Maiden/Yeld Mares, Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion, Grand Champion.

ESDCTA Memorial Weekend II-

Dhanube- Filly Champion, Young Hotrrse Champion, Grand Champion.  Whii- 1st Maiden and Yeld Mares, Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion

Stone Tavern II-

Shavane 1st stallion materiale, Stallion Champion, Reserve Mature Champion. 

Shortstop-  Colt/Gelding Champion, Reserve Champion Young Horse, Reserve grand Champion 

Shortstop- Stone Tavern


Maplewood Warmbloods I-

Shabrina- Mare Champion (85.45%), Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion.   Shtiletto- 4th 4 Year Old and Older Maiden/Yeld Mares, 1st Mare Materiale

Maplewood Warmbloods II-

Shabrina- Mare Champion (80.15%), Mature Horse Champion, Shtiletto- Reserve Champion Mare, 2nd Mare Materiale

Region 8 Championships and NEDA Fall Festival:

Shavane was the Region 8 GAIG/USDF Champion Stallion at the NEDA Fall Festival at Saugerties.

Shavane Region 8 USDF/GAIG Stallion Champion


NEDA Fall  was Shavane's second show under saddle and he was super well behaved for a young stallion, placing third in the Region 8 Training Level Championship class with a 69.659%. He had qualified for this Regional Finals at his first show ever at Red Tail Farm in NJ with 72, 71, 72 and 76%!   

Shavane 3rd place Region 8 GAIG/USDF Finals NEDA 2016


was third at NEDA Fall in the Mare Championship and Shtiletto was fourth.

Shabrina in hand NEDA Fall Festival


Shtiletto- NEDA Fall Festival


Dressage at Devon Breed Show:

Dhanube was Third place in the Filly Championship at Dressage at Devon with a 77.963%, third in the Young Horse Prospect Award, and third in the Material class.  

Dhanube under saddle DAD 2016


Shavane was winner of the Stallion Materiale at DAD and Reserve Champion Stallion there in hand, winning the Born in the USA Award.  Cara rode both horses beautifully and Quinnten Alston handled for us. 

Shavane DAD 2016


Serengeti, by Sir James, bred by me and ridden by Lauren Chumley,  won the Four year Old and Older Stallion and Gelding Materiale and was Born in the USA Champion.

Serengeti DAD 2016


Showgirl, bred by me and catch ridden at the show, was 2nd in Four Year Old and Older Mares Under Saddle.  Shcooter, who was the DAD 2015 Filly Champion, Reserve Champion Young Horse and Born in the USA winner in 2015, placed 5th in the Four Year Old and Older Maiden Mare class.  Whii placed 9th.  Whii and Shcooter, who had both been so successful in breed shows in both 2015 and 2016, were apparently not to these judges' liking. In the GAIG/USDF Mare Finals Whii placed 8th, Shcooter placed 10th.

Hhot Tamale won a 4th level test at Dressage at Devon, and was fourth in another 4th level class (68.194% and 69.5%).   She is well on her way to Grand Prix, showing us a real talent in half steps.  She was winner many times in PSG and Fourth Level throughout 2016.   She was placed 3rd in the NEDA Fall Region 8 Championship Fourth Level Championship class with a 69.667% with a costly error of going off course.  Hhot Tamale was also awarded one of the first Performance Mare titles from the AHS for her show ring successes. She ended up 12th in the AHS USDF All Breeds Awards for the AHS for PSG with a 67.424%.  

Hhot Tamal- DAD 2016



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