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Awards Last Updated: Sep 7, 2013 - 10:48:03 PM

2011 USDF All-Breeds Awards Winners:

Dec 14, 2011 - 9:42:50 AM

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Dressage Sport Horse Breeding:
Shilhouette: 2nd, HOTY Current Year Foal - Filly, 78.7%, 1st GOV All-Breeds

Shwatch: 9th, HOTY Current Year Foals - Colt, 73.5%, 2nd GOV All-Breeds

Somer Hit: (owner: Alice Tarjan, rider: Lauren Chumley) 1st, HOTY FEI Five-Year-Olds, 8.4%, 1st AHS All-Breeds and winner of the EQ|quest Trophy

Me: 16th, USDF Dressage Sporthorse Breeder of the Year

Shayonara: (owner & h- Ellen Kvinta Palmisano) 8th, HOTY Yearling Fillies, 76.250%

Shtarlet: (owner & h- Ellen Kvinta Palmisano) 16th, HOTY Yearling Fillies, 73.750%

Shakespeare RSF: 65th, HOTY Third Level, 9th AHS All-Breeds, 65.641%

Fhitzgerald: 116th, HOTY Second Level, 6th GOV All-Breeds, 64.167%

Me: 22nd, Dressage Breeder of the Year

Ghlenlivet: (owner/rider: Nancy Stanton) 13th, Prix St. Georges AHS All-Breeds, 64.869%

Rhigatoni: (owner: Jerilynne Michaels, rider: Nancy Stanton) 11th, HOTY USEF Four-Year-Old and 1st GOV All-Breeds, 7.4%

Ghardener: (owner/rider: Sharon Lewis) 15th, Second Level Open AHS All-Breeds, 62.976%; 60th, HOTY and 7th, AHS All-Breeds Second Level AA, 62.976%; 37th, HOTY Third Level AA and 2nd, AHS All-Breeds, 62.949%; 10th, HOTY and 1st AHS All- Breeds Second Level Musical Freestyle, 70.333%

Fhreelancer: (owner/rider: Joanne Coleman) 3rd, HOTY Training Level, 75.215%; 3rd, AHS All-Breeds

Lhukas: (owner/rider: Patricia Care) 75th, HOTY Training Level; 13th, Training Level AA; 3rd AHS All-Breeds, 70.2%

Saphira (aka Rhomance): (owner: John McGuire, rider: Heather McCarthy) 2nd, HOTY Second Level, 1st GOV All-Breeds, 74.286%; and 5th, HOTY Third Level, 1st GOV All-breeds, 71.168%

Ghalewind: (owner/rider: Lauren Wade) 35th, HOTY Training level AA; and 3rd, AHS All-Breeds, 67.8%; 64th, HOTY First level AA, 14th AHS All-Breeds, 65.323%

USEF Rankings:

Me: 2nd, Dressage Breeder; 7th, Dressage Breeding Breeder; 84th, Leading Owner - Dressage; and 6th, Leading Owner - Dressage Breeding

Shakespeare RSF: 12th, Leading Dressage Breeding Sires

Gold Luck: 16th, Leading Dressage Sires

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