Rolling Stone Farm I 2017 broodmares for sale :-(
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2017 broodmares for sale :-(  
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For Sale

Here is the list of broodmares I have for sale for this round. These are some of my best producing, most favorite mares.

They are younger so a little more expensive than the last two years' sales. You can see videos of all of them, along with videos of their previuos foals on the left side of this home page- "Our Mares" drop down "Individual Mares" drop down "broodmares" or under the "Sales Horses" drop down "Available Horses" drop down "Broodmares"
Here is the list:
EM Regalia PWF- 11 year old mare (Royal Prince/ Grundstein/Abundance). In foal to Dheputy (Dauphin/Rotspon). Last breeding date 5/24. $15,000
Special Premium Lhorna Doone 9 year old (Londonderry/Wolkentanz II/ Renaissance). In foal to Fhitzgerald (Florencio/Weltmeyer/ Freiherr). Last breeding date 7/31. $18,000. SOLD!
EM Wyneth L 13 years old. Dam of a licensed and approved stallion. (Widmark/Davignon/Ordensglanz). In foal to Dheputy. Last breeding date 8/4. $18,000
EM Chee Chee 13 years old. (Contucci/Banter/Lessing). Sells in foal to Dheputy. Last breeding date 7/5. $18,000
Elite Stute Shirlene 11 years old (Stedinger/ Winterprinz/Vienna Waltz). In foal to Dheputy. Last breeding date 6/15. $15,000. SOLD!
Special Premium Rhosemary 10 years old. (Rosentanz/Fuerst Heinrich/ Velton Third). Sells in foal to Dancier. Last breeding date 6/15. $20,000
Special Premium Shusquehannah. 4 years old. Shakespeare RSF/DeNiro/Rohdiamant) In foal to Dheputy. Last breeding date 7/7. $25,000. SOLD!

These mares are carrying foals which can be sold next year for prices that will recover all or most of the purchase price, and all of them have many more years of production. Our future retirement is forcing the sale of these much loved mares.

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