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In addition to the horses listed here, Rolling Stone Farm has an extensive network of contacts, both in the US and Germany, to assist you in your search for the perfect equine partner. Please contact us for additional information.

Our regular visitors will notice that the Sales List has undergone some recent improvements which will permit us to add updates easily and keep you informed on the very latest information on our horses. With the number of foals arriving this year, this was a a necessity! Click on the photo or the "Read More" link to go to each horse's individual page. Enjoy!


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2022 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   D'Avie      
dam   Special Premium Whii Wild Dance/DaCaprio
SOLD! Congratulations to Paula of PA!
Da Tempeste “Tempest”  
2018 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   Elite Stute Shirlene Stedinger/Winterprinz
Another happy customer with a Dheputy foal! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Carolyn of MI!

Damseys Blue Moon  
2016 Oldenburg Colt  
 EM Whallis Blue Wallstreet Kid/Armin
SOLD! Congrats to Mary Waldrop of SC!
De Nira  
2009 Oldenburg Mare  
sire   De Niro      
dam   Liana Lute'ce (Lanciano)
This filly is exquisite and is a super mover. I bought her from a hunter breeder who sold her because her movement was too dressagey. Fine by me! 
SOLD! Conjgratulations to Narda Croughwell of Hillsborough, NC!
Delwen Dara "Sommer"  
2008 Mare  
sire   Wedderlie Mardi Gras      
dam   Dutch Treatt Hall of Fame
I had been searching for a palomino for quite a while, actually since I was a child watching the Lone Ranger- really!
Sommer was uncomplicated to break and ride the first time, and she has been uncomplicated to break and ride the second time after having two foals.She was placed in the Weser Ems pony main mare book at our GOV inspection. 
SOLD! Congrats to Dan and Danielle of PA!

2016 Hanoverian Colt  
 EM Whispre Weltmeyer/Brentano II
SOLD! Congrats to Hans of SC!
2020 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   Special Premium/ Elite Qhuiver Quaterback
SOLD! Congratulations to Beth Anne of PA!
2016 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   EM Rheceptionist Royal Prince/Wallstreet Kid
Dhamiani has a good sit-down with a free shoulder. He should excel in dressage in the future, plus he has a sweet disposition. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Grace and her family!
2006 Hanoverian Colt  
sire   Don Frederico      
dam   EM Reynah (Rienzi-Wallstreets PS/Wallstreet Kid)
See the new conformation photo taken 9/06. Dhamon has matured into a real beauty. He has a very free shoulder with much natural hind end engagement. He will mature in the mid range for height, so he can be a ladies' version of his dad, Don Frederico, who has been producing some size, I hear. Dhamon is sweet and seems to have an easy going personality. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Jennifer Mutchler of VA!
Dhancing Man  
2016 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   EM Regalia PWF Royal Prince/Grundstein
He resembles his close relative Gold Luck (his dam is out of a full sister to Gold Luck). Gold Luck stood at RSF for many years and was my heart horse.
Birth report:This colt was born very quickly between evening feed and hay. Cara found him when she went to fill the water buckets. He had just been born. She found him so she got to name him! He is very leggy and really beautiful with super movement. EM Regalia was a Non-Oldenburg Mare of Distinction as well as Elite Mare. Her Elite Mare dam was a full sister to our flagship stallion, Gold Luck, and Dheputy is fourth generation from my breeding program, so this foal has a pedigree from RSF bloodlines all the way. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Alexa and James of MA!
2004 Hanoverian Filly  
sire   De Laurentis      
dam   EM Gharbo (Gold Luck-Poppeaa/Prince Orac xx)
EM Gharbo successfully completed her Elite Mare requirements with the birth of this lovely filly - bay with a pretty star and white socks on the right side. Tall, very nice with a very strong pedigree! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Janet Rae!
2006 Hanoverian Filly  
sire   Don Principe      
dam   EM Alectra (Armin-Absinthe/AkzentII)
See the new conformation photo taken 9/06. Dharcy has matured into a real beauty. She will be quite tall, and has a neck that is set uphill on a great shoulder. She is a powerhouse of a mover, and is a really sweet filly. 
Dharma LHF  
2017 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   EM Rheceptionist Royal Prince/Wallstreet Kid
Another really fancy, correct, great moving foal by Dheputy and with the stellar dispositions both top and bottom, Dharma should make a super riding horse or future broodmare. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Michelle Lauber of CO!
2018 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   EM Regalia PWF Royal Prince/Grundstein
I LOVE the Dheputy foals and this filly is a typical beauty. 
SOLD! Congrats to Paula Byrum of PA!
Dhe Lorean  
2018 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   Special Premium Shusquehanna Shakespeare RSF/ DeNiro
Looks like mom more than dad....
Dhe Lorean is one of our favorite from this year. She is really sweet with a quiet, friendly demeanor. Her best day was not the day of the GOV Foal Inspection, but we think she is a really good mover any other day!  
SOLD! Congratulations to Mary of PA!
2016 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   EM Wyneth L Widmark/Davignon
Wow, do we sure love the Dheputy foals! What a mover, with a sweet disposition! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Jaime Dancer of NJ!
2020 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   EM Chee Chee Contucci
Another awesome Dheputy foal- this one is a mini-me of Chee Chee at least regarding her markings. She is very correct and tall. Third foal of the year
Our trainer Jocelyn named her- Dheianira.
Deianira,or Deianeira, also known as Dejanira, was a Calydonian princess in Greek mythology whose name translated as "man-destroyer" or "destroyer of her husband". She was the wife of Heracles and, in late Classical accounts, his unwitting murderer, killing him with the poisoned Shirt of Nessus. Haha! 
SOLD! Congratulations to our own wonderful trainer Jocelyn!
2019 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   D'Olympic      
dam   Leonie Riverside/Libertas
SOLD! Congratulations to Mark and Isabella of MA!
2007 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Don Frederico      
dam   EM Rhussia Rotspon/Armin
Dhelmonico is very tall and leggy with those large ears from his HN ancestors. What a mover he is! He is probably the best foal of the group as far as hind leg engagement goes, which makes him uphill with suspension in his steps. Plus, he is as sweet as they come. He is very correct in his conformation.  
SOLD! Congratulations to Dana Sharp, DVM of NJ!
2013 Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Treliver Decanter      
dam   Delwen Dara Wedderlie Mardi Gras/Hall of Fame
Dhelta is really good under saddle, where her good disposition has translated to good rideability. This filly has a really fancy trot! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Sheila Hill and her daughter Ruth Hill- Schorsch of MI!
Dhenmark "Mark"  
2001 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Dacaprio      
dam    (Adlerlass/Duden)
Dhenmark - by Dacaprio (Davignon/Caprimond) out of an Aderlass/Duden mare. 16.1 hands at present. Mark was purchased at the Elite Foal auction in Verden, Germany. His sire, Dacaprio won several conformation championships as a 3 and 4 year old, e.g. in Verden during the German Mastership. As a five-year-old he was winner in dressage horse competitions of class A and L and second in the qualification for the National Championship. At the age of six he repeated his success in dressage horse competitions. Dacaprio's descendants include many State Premium mares, winners at foal championships, and 1A-prize winners at mare shows. His stallion performance test dressage score was122 points. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Marla Sgarlat of Dallas, PA!
Dhes Moines  
2013 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Domiro      
dam   EM Amulet Archipel/Windhuk
Love this colt! He is sweet as pie and can really move! Look at him in the round pen at the end of the video. He was another victim of coming in to the ring from being out in the sun all day. (We gave away most of our stalls to guests at the GOV inspection)  
SOLD! Congratulations to Wendy Lewis of Aiken, SC!
2017 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   EM Wyneth L Widmark/ Davignon
Named Premium at our inspection, he quite resembles his full brother from last year. Dhesigner will be tall and a bit more on the substantial side with elegance, good movement and correct conformation. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Carrie and Randy!
2015 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   EM Fhrance Fabriano/Wonderful
Dhetroit is a really spectacular mover (WOW!) with a super disposition. We are very proud of this 5th generation product from our breeding program and we are very pleased with the first two Dheputy foals born. It was really cool to have the first Dheputy foal born to be named a stallion prospect!

SOLD! Congratulations to Jessica of NY!
2017 Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   Special Premium Shusquehanna Shakespeare RSF/ DeNiro
Dhiamond gets a 12 out of 10 for charm and friendliness, aside from having very good movement and correct conformation. We all just love her here at RSF! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Dona of MD!

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